Military Events

Military Events

Being an Air Force veteran myself, I know Military protocol and traditions. And Katie was raised with it. We have all of the anthems from the different services and well as ‘Bugle’ Calls/renditions: Reveille, First Call, Flag Raising and Taps.

Having an emcee and/or a DJ who knows these customs and courtesies, and who has also had the honor of serving our country can make a profound difference in your event.

But when it comes to partying, we do that well!!! We would be honored to play your function!

We give a 15% discount off our regular prices for military functions. Please see my ‘Price Page’ for details.

We also donate time depending on the function and our schedule.

Miltary Pricing

One Hour ConsultationNot included
Included Time3 Hours
Per additional 1/2 hour$50