Why Hire Us?

Anybody can spin a song off a computer. But for you...

  • We work directly with the Bride & Groom, event coordinator, parents, business owner, etc to ensure we get it right.
  • You tell us what YOU want for you event: music, format, or anything you require.
  • We are flexible so that if something changes or doesn’t happen ‘on schedule’, we can keep the event moving.
  • We keep you on track/time. So we do everything you want to do for the event.
  • We also check with you during the show to make sure you needs are being met.

For Your Guests, we...

  • Interact with the crowd and keeping them engaged and happy.
  • We Emcee the event so our guests know what’s going on now and coming up next.
  • Take requests and play what the people want to hear and get them involved and dancing.
  • Do our best to keep them happy!

Our Systems

Since you may be considering us….
Here’s  a small bio about us so you know who and what you’re getting. For myself (Ray), I’ve been entertaining for over 30 years: starting as a teen in bands, then entering into DJing 19 years ago. My daughter Katie started four years ago.  Since then we have done over 450 weddings, 1000+ club gigs, and well over 200 Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, Birthday parties and corporate functions. Never missing a single event!!!
It makes no difference what your event is. We’re extremely successful at getting a crowd into the occasion. Constantly reading the mood and flow of the crowd to do our best to play the music they want to hear, keeping them happy and dancing. We don’t spend all my time behind our systems either. We get out onto the dance floor dancing, or into the crowd to talk, laugh and take requests.

I’m an Air Force Vet, and Katie was raised with it.  Integrity, honor and respect are paramount for us.  We take all our gigs personally, and will do my utmost to make your occasion the best!

Our Systems….
Are small, compact, yet powerful.  We’ve used JBL EONs our entire careers. First using the ‘Series One’ for 13 years with only one malfunction.

The EON is an very versatile speaker with it’s own internal amp. Meaning it’s a stand alone ‘PA’. For example: When using a mic during a ceremony, all we need is a power cord, a speaker and a mic. we simply run a microphone directly into the speaker. Eliminating equipment cluttering the ceremony.

The system is powerful enough to entertain crowds of over 800 people. At one venue, we actually shook glasses off the downstairs bar!

Lighting:  It adds to the mood of the occasion. During the cocktail hour or dinner, we keep lighting to a minimum.  Then during dancing we use more, with it centered on the dance floor and the entire room. This provides excellent effects for your evening.