Versatile, Light-Hearted, and Fun!

Karaoke can add to any occasion! Don’t be fooled by Karaoke Jockeys (KJs) who claim to have 70, 80 or 100,000 songs in their play list. When you look in their books you’ll find (literally) 12-15 different versions of ‘Margarittaville’! “Which one do I choose?” The KJ will simply pick the best one and play it. In our collection we have deleted those other versions, and kept the best one or two versions. We have 20,000+ Karaoke songs in our library with a full range of genres, dating back to the 1920s.

Here are some points to consider when thinking about Karaoke: We don’t charge to bring Karaoke along!

  • If you’re hiring a KJ, ask if they play regular music as well. You don’t want to listen to the same 3-4 people or your KJ singing all night if no one else sings!!!
  • If your event is Karaoke based, we do a mix between DJing and KJing. More singers: more Karaoke, fewer singers, more music.
  • Combining regular music and Karaoke is more versatile and allows for dancing too.
  • Kids and adults alike love to either sing or watch their friend ‘destroy’ a song!

Karaoke Pricing

Standard 3 Hour Event: $600 (within OKC Metro)

Includes One Hour Consultation (and more!)

$50 per each additional 1/2 Hour