Corporate Events

Corporate Employee Party

Corporate Events and Holiday Parties

We’ve worked all kinds of events from a Halloween party at a small diesel repair shop, an annual event with thousands in attendance, to corporate functions at the Petroleum Club.

If you want ‘Lounge’ music during ‘cocktail’ hour and dinner, and then dancing or just for dancing, we can do this. Some times these functions have ‘Presentations’ or ‘Speeches’ that need to be made. If a ‘PA’ system is not available in-house, we can provide this with a corded or cordless mic.

Also, if someone within your organization is to be the ‘Master of Ceremonies’ or ‘Emcee’ for the evening, That’s not a problem.   If you have no Emcee, we will be happy to do whatever is necessary to make your event the best it can be!

Christmas parties and seasonal events are very special occasions. And as with Corporate functions, some can have a ‘Cocktail’ hour before dinner, etc. We have all the music required for a good mix and have done well over 100 Christmas parties over the years. To be honest, by December, many people are burned out of Christmas music because it’s been played since October!! lol So a good mix of ‘Crooners’, and ‘lite contemporary’ could be what your crowd needs.

At either type of event, we socialize with your guests, entertain and take requests. And can guarantee that we can get the majority of your guests on the dance floor at least a couple of times over the evening!

Corporate Employee Party

Corporate Pricing

Standard 3 Hour Event: $550 (within OKC Metro)

Includes One Hour Consultation (and more!)

$50 per each additional 1/2 Hour